November 22, 2011

2009 :)

My 2009:

this time I really nervous and scared. Well, as you know this year I was taking UPSR and the scared things is..... I don't want lose my best friend and my Stella Maris. Well, I learned the basic things in there. Which I really apperciate to my all teachers and my friends because help me a lot in studies. I'm not really good in whatever subject. But I try my best to score straight A' in UPSR but it is fate. I just got 3A 2B. Not really bad huh? Yeah, I know. Do you know what subject is B? Of course you don't know! Let me tell you, 2 subject that I got in B is .........

SCIENCE AND ENGLISH! tadaaa~ B in english? cool right? HAHAHA. I'm really sorry if my blog is in broken english. HAHAHA. I'm trying to improve my english by writing a story in english languages. Yea I know. It is not hard to learn but I'm not real english. I'm from Sabah. The land below the wind. Everybody in Sabah likes to talk "bahasa pasar". I don't think so you guys know what is meaning of "bahasa pasar". It is mean that the person do not talk in real Malay. It's like making another word than this word. :) I'm sure you all don't understand. Just forget it. HAHAHA. So, that's my story for my 2009. Next time I'll tell you my 2010. :) Wait for me.  :) And don't forget to follow me :)

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