June 6, 2013

I Love You

I want to confess now my heart to you
Only heaven knows in deep of my heart
At the though of telling you the truth that
i’ve kept so preciously
I feel crystal clear coming out
All the memories pass by me
Today wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you
The day we first met
I was awkward and young
You wait me for a long time
just because i told you to trust me
At times, I hurt you when I made a mistake
But you never blamed me each of mistake that I made,
And you gave me strength

its okay.
Whenever I made you upset by saying I’m busy with my work
and not pay attention to you
You could have blade me
But you believe in me.

Saying don’t worry,
I selfishly hope that
You heart will be the same forever
I will try my best everyday for you
Just for you.
The day we first met
I was feel awkward and young
The time you waited for me to come
just because I told you to trust me
All the memories we made together,
The times we cried and laugh when we spent our time
I’ll remember them even at the moment I die

Have I told you before?
That "I love you so much"
There is no other will say it to you,
Just me can.

I love you I love you
Other than those common word
I say it again, I love you
My heart felt confession today
Please never forget it
I love you.

MsDaniella says Hi