July 6, 2014



The person I will love forever,
please look at me

My appearance look might different,
but the heart is the same
even though I don’t have the courage to face you actually

Please love me, please turn around and look at me
this image is so unfamiliar to me
  Maybe it’s the first time I’m showing the truth of myself to you
enduring it alone and holding back

Because I know how lonely and difficult it is
which I actually usually used to be
it seems to be an excuse that I’m waiting for you

I hate to be burden to you,
But I keep holding on to you
the person I will love, please look at me

It seems to be greed that I want to hold you forever
I try to hide it from you, but it stays like that

The person I’m waiting for, it is YOU
I try so hard by myself to love you so much even though there are so much challenge
but I know it’s only a dream
Even though I’m too lacking to love you

please love me, turn your head to look at me
I’m afraid that I’ll regret it if I don’t say it
I’d like to take a look at your heart right now
before its too late
the person I will love, please look at me

MsDaniella says Hi