May 26, 2013

smile :/

I keep smile.
Whatever happens.
I keep smile.
Whether I'm in good situation or bad.
I keep smile.
Other people never know how is my feeling.
I mean.
Inside feeling.
The truth.
When I'm in front of them,
I have to be strong.
I never want other people know my feeling.
I cant express my feeling easily.
Actually, I really dont care my feeling.
Someone said that I am selfish.
Maybe they never know why I'm being like that.
Yes, maybe I look selfish.
But they never know the reason I did that.
I did for them.
I do care others feeling.
More than mine.
But there is no one know.
They only saw from my outside.
I dont care if I have to sacrifice.
But if it is people who I love,
I will.
For them.
Just for them.
They never know.
I dont know why I still care with people who never apperciate me.
They never say thank you.
They dont grateful what I did for them.
But eventhough they like this, I keep care about them.
Am I too generous to them?
Am I too fool for being played?

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