May 26, 2013

Handmade craft

Hey there!
It's me.
I miss my blog.
Well actually.
I'm kind of busy.
Doing craft things.
I learn from my aunt.
Actually, about my title.
I want to show you my creation.
This is my aunt's creation.
It is for calender.

This is frame.
My aunt's idea too.
mine creation?
Mine is not beautiful as my aunt's creation.
This is my rocket!
It still not perfect.
But I'm trying my best.

So this!
My little sister did this.
The butterfly I did.
She just did the flower and the decorate by herself.
There is a lot our craft things.
But I dont want to waste my time to download from my phone.
I sell this.
And also we can make BOOKMARK.
You just name what do you want and what design you like.
We try our best to do.
You can contact us at my facebook page.
We sell.
All are 100% handmade.
Crafts by us.
I'll be waiting.
Call us.

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