July 6, 2014



The person I will love forever,
please look at me

My appearance look might different,
but the heart is the same
even though I don’t have the courage to face you actually

Please love me, please turn around and look at me
this image is so unfamiliar to me
  Maybe it’s the first time I’m showing the truth of myself to you
enduring it alone and holding back

Because I know how lonely and difficult it is
which I actually usually used to be
it seems to be an excuse that I’m waiting for you

I hate to be burden to you,
But I keep holding on to you
the person I will love, please look at me

It seems to be greed that I want to hold you forever
I try to hide it from you, but it stays like that

The person I’m waiting for, it is YOU
I try so hard by myself to love you so much even though there are so much challenge
but I know it’s only a dream
Even though I’m too lacking to love you

please love me, turn your head to look at me
I’m afraid that I’ll regret it if I don’t say it
I’d like to take a look at your heart right now
before its too late
the person I will love, please look at me

May 31, 2014


I don’t care if it’s poison, I will gladly take it easier
No other temptation can be sweeter or stronger than you in this world

The dazzling you swallows all the darkness of the world
And that light blinds me
And I know it is hard for you to do
But I know it is for me

Any kind of darkness loses its strength in front of you
I only need you more than other

Shine on my path, whether I want it or not, I'll try my best to be with you forever
The decision has been made
I will put everything at risk

I will protect you no matter what hardships come
I can’t see anything else but you
Just you shining in my eyes
I push myself into broken music, in the bleakness of a tragedy
A creaking prelude of love, I’m gonna lose myself
That was sweet start

I don’t know how to stop, my different emotions rise sometimes
An illusion that I’m sure of, you and I, 
Got the top of the emotion

Flowers wither and scatter and the moon tilts and disappears
But my heart won’t ever change, I love you, I love you
And I love you
Your lips embrace my sinful lips, 
Making me drunk with your scent
No other reward is stronger than this,
What I need is only you by my side

Like I said before
Shine on my path, whether I want it or not, 
So I know where should I go to get back beside you
  No matter what hardships come
I'll come over you

I can’t see anything else but you
Look world, let me win his heart
Sun, rise and give me strength

Listen destiny, don’t block me
I will protect him
I’ll be the last girl to fight against the world over one love

I can face any kind of threat for you, I only need you
You’re complicated like a maze
Why do you keep pushing me away
Trust me, your Juliet
I have no one but you.

Love by:
Your Juliet

March 15, 2014

Lonely Love

When you pass by my finger tips,
I can feel the warmth spreads 
throughout my cold heart

I want to softly go to you and lean on you
when there is no one around us.

But the distance between us is not narrowing.
It’s okay even if I can’t touch you  
It’s okay even if I can’t hug you
I used to be lonely before you come. 

Yes I love you, 
Since the first time we meet  
like you are my perfect destiny.  
I can feel your presence.

My heart can reach you
I really want to reach out my hands and hold you  
But it feels like 
we are getting farther apart 

so I just linger around you.
Like I said before,
It’s okay even if I can’t love you
It’s okay even if I can’t reach you  
Yes I love you,  
Even from far away  
It is enough for me to see you from far away

I'll be fine,
Lonely love
It is my destiny.
Being lonely.
But it is worth it waiting for you. :)

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