November 4, 2013

Loving Alone

Are you listening to my heart?
They talking to you.
Are you looking at my tears?
They can't stop.
Only one in the world, just one that I need,
I need it to be you.
I wonder why, 
Why do you keep running away from me?
Is this relationship you really want?
Why do you keep getting far from me?
Am I look strangers to you?

Stay by my side and hold my hand tightly
If you love me.
You drive me crazy everyday,
You make me cry everyday,
You’re close as if I can catch you
But when I do, you get far away from me like;' the wind.
Love is what I do alone without you :/
Love only leaves me tears :'(
A crappy, foolish love that I ever know
Can I hug you just once, baby?
Can I say my last goodbye to you?
I had last wish,
Don’t forget the loving memories, the happy memories that we had together.
Some day, when we meet again
Let’s not say goodbye 
To each other
Words that always my heart want to say, 
I love you
Words that my tears always want to say, 
I’m sorry
No matter how much I pick them up and put them in back
Words spill out suddenly.

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