October 4, 2013

Forget about you :)

You’re only getting farther away from me 
Don't you ever know that you’re the only one for me
As much as I loved you,
It hurts and keep hurts when I love you so much 
and it’s look foolish but good bye for now.

Though I may never see you again because I thought that you’re the only one
Only one in my heart
We awkwardly sit across each other at our first date,
Making small talk and asking what’s new each other
The moments when the conversation stop for a moment
I fell
The cold silence freezes us together

We will more alike as become strangers at this place right now
Someone will shed tears and be left alone silently but actually
I hate seeing you try not to scar me and feel ill at ease
So I’ll let you go 
Far away from me

Oh my dear,
My love, good bye for now 
I want you to know that you’re always the only one
Even at the moment we break up, I hope you know that you’re the only one

At my sudden works, you seem to be relieved for some reason
Where did we go wrong?
Even I don't know where.
Did we hope for different places starting from long ago?
The sharpness of the vast difference of our start and end
And the pain that stabs my heart
It really hurts my heart
Why is it so similar?
My overwhelmed heart crumbles emptily in just one moment
In one second, darling.
How can I stand up again?
After this happens to me?
Can I stand up again?
Will I?

When will my head erase you?
Forget all about you.
The moments with you.
I can't stand anymore.
One day, two days, one month, if long term then a few years then I can't.
And someday in your memories,
I won’t live in it, you will erase me.

By: MsDaniella
Sabah, Land Below The Wind :)

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