July 10, 2013

Spring of Love

The sweet morning breeze blow in my mouth,
I can feel through my mouth.
With the sun shining in my room,
 Over the white blanket of mine
Comes a ring that surprise me
 that makes my heart flutter,
could that be you?
With the sound of a spoon of sugar
The sweetness that I can taste
Spring comes, into this streetBetween you and meSpring comes, into my heartThat belongs to you
Petals like popcorn fly high in the sky
If you tell me that you love me, I am really melt over you
When the wind blows like today
I feel loved
I go crazy all day
Because I constantly think of you all day.
The sweet smelling spring wind streams today
I feel the sunshine on my cheeks is perfect
Watching the white petals dancing
While walking with you

Our flustered hearts rises and can't stop
It rise until the maximum point.
We see each other
with pounding of our heart.
There is no remain secret in this world.
Is this the street that I saw in my dream?
Everywhere I walk with you is beautiful
Every time I see you, I am surprised
You couldn’t be any more beautiful than before
Love melts to the warm spring light
Love blows in the rustling wind
When the wind blows like today
the first thing that comes in my mind
is you. 
Only you, only you, only you
Only you dear.

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