November 4, 2013

Loving Alone

Are you listening to my heart?
They talking to you.
Are you looking at my tears?
They can't stop.
Only one in the world, just one that I need,
I need it to be you.
I wonder why, 
Why do you keep running away from me?
Is this relationship you really want?
Why do you keep getting far from me?
Am I look strangers to you?

Stay by my side and hold my hand tightly
If you love me.
You drive me crazy everyday,
You make me cry everyday,
You’re close as if I can catch you
But when I do, you get far away from me like;' the wind.
Love is what I do alone without you :/
Love only leaves me tears :'(
A crappy, foolish love that I ever know
Can I hug you just once, baby?
Can I say my last goodbye to you?
I had last wish,
Don’t forget the loving memories, the happy memories that we had together.
Some day, when we meet again
Let’s not say goodbye 
To each other
Words that always my heart want to say, 
I love you
Words that my tears always want to say, 
I’m sorry
No matter how much I pick them up and put them in back
Words spill out suddenly.

October 4, 2013

Forget about you :)

You’re only getting farther away from me 
Don't you ever know that you’re the only one for me
As much as I loved you,
It hurts and keep hurts when I love you so much 
and it’s look foolish but good bye for now.

Though I may never see you again because I thought that you’re the only one
Only one in my heart
We awkwardly sit across each other at our first date,
Making small talk and asking what’s new each other
The moments when the conversation stop for a moment
I fell
The cold silence freezes us together

We will more alike as become strangers at this place right now
Someone will shed tears and be left alone silently but actually
I hate seeing you try not to scar me and feel ill at ease
So I’ll let you go 
Far away from me

Oh my dear,
My love, good bye for now 
I want you to know that you’re always the only one
Even at the moment we break up, I hope you know that you’re the only one

At my sudden works, you seem to be relieved for some reason
Where did we go wrong?
Even I don't know where.
Did we hope for different places starting from long ago?
The sharpness of the vast difference of our start and end
And the pain that stabs my heart
It really hurts my heart
Why is it so similar?
My overwhelmed heart crumbles emptily in just one moment
In one second, darling.
How can I stand up again?
After this happens to me?
Can I stand up again?
Will I?

When will my head erase you?
Forget all about you.
The moments with you.
I can't stand anymore.
One day, two days, one month, if long term then a few years then I can't.
And someday in your memories,
I won’t live in it, you will erase me.

By: MsDaniella
Sabah, Land Below The Wind :)

July 10, 2013

Spring of Love

The sweet morning breeze blow in my mouth,
I can feel through my mouth.
With the sun shining in my room,
 Over the white blanket of mine
Comes a ring that surprise me
 that makes my heart flutter,
could that be you?
With the sound of a spoon of sugar
The sweetness that I can taste
Spring comes, into this streetBetween you and meSpring comes, into my heartThat belongs to you
Petals like popcorn fly high in the sky
If you tell me that you love me, I am really melt over you
When the wind blows like today
I feel loved
I go crazy all day
Because I constantly think of you all day.
The sweet smelling spring wind streams today
I feel the sunshine on my cheeks is perfect
Watching the white petals dancing
While walking with you

Our flustered hearts rises and can't stop
It rise until the maximum point.
We see each other
with pounding of our heart.
There is no remain secret in this world.
Is this the street that I saw in my dream?
Everywhere I walk with you is beautiful
Every time I see you, I am surprised
You couldn’t be any more beautiful than before
Love melts to the warm spring light
Love blows in the rustling wind
When the wind blows like today
the first thing that comes in my mind
is you. 
Only you, only you, only you
Only you dear.

June 6, 2013

I Love You

I want to confess now my heart to you
Only heaven knows in deep of my heart
At the though of telling you the truth that
i’ve kept so preciously
I feel crystal clear coming out
All the memories pass by me
Today wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you
The day we first met
I was awkward and young
You wait me for a long time
just because i told you to trust me
At times, I hurt you when I made a mistake
But you never blamed me each of mistake that I made,
And you gave me strength

its okay.
Whenever I made you upset by saying I’m busy with my work
and not pay attention to you
You could have blade me
But you believe in me.

Saying don’t worry,
I selfishly hope that
You heart will be the same forever
I will try my best everyday for you
Just for you.
The day we first met
I was feel awkward and young
The time you waited for me to come
just because I told you to trust me
All the memories we made together,
The times we cried and laugh when we spent our time
I’ll remember them even at the moment I die

Have I told you before?
That "I love you so much"
There is no other will say it to you,
Just me can.

I love you I love you
Other than those common word
I say it again, I love you
My heart felt confession today
Please never forget it
I love you.

May 26, 2013

smile :/

I keep smile.
Whatever happens.
I keep smile.
Whether I'm in good situation or bad.
I keep smile.
Other people never know how is my feeling.
I mean.
Inside feeling.
The truth.
When I'm in front of them,
I have to be strong.
I never want other people know my feeling.
I cant express my feeling easily.
Actually, I really dont care my feeling.
Someone said that I am selfish.
Maybe they never know why I'm being like that.
Yes, maybe I look selfish.
But they never know the reason I did that.
I did for them.
I do care others feeling.
More than mine.
But there is no one know.
They only saw from my outside.
I dont care if I have to sacrifice.
But if it is people who I love,
I will.
For them.
Just for them.
They never know.
I dont know why I still care with people who never apperciate me.
They never say thank you.
They dont grateful what I did for them.
But eventhough they like this, I keep care about them.
Am I too generous to them?
Am I too fool for being played?

Handmade craft

Hey there!
It's me.
I miss my blog.
Well actually.
I'm kind of busy.
Doing craft things.
I learn from my aunt.
Actually, about my title.
I want to show you my creation.
This is my aunt's creation.
It is for calender.

This is frame.
My aunt's idea too.
mine creation?
Mine is not beautiful as my aunt's creation.
This is my rocket!
It still not perfect.
But I'm trying my best.

So this!
My little sister did this.
The butterfly I did.
She just did the flower and the decorate by herself.
There is a lot our craft things.
But I dont want to waste my time to download from my phone.
I sell this.
And also we can make BOOKMARK.
You just name what do you want and what design you like.
We try our best to do.
You can contact us at my facebook page.
We sell.
All are 100% handmade.
Crafts by us.
I'll be waiting.
Call us.

May 12, 2013

Queen of my heart :)

Orang yang pertama kusayangi ialah ibuku.
Pandangan pertama jatuh cinta ialah ratuku.
Kucupan pertama dari kasih ibu.
Kegembiraan yang pertama ialah penyayang hidupku.

Kegembiraan yang ku nikmati, ku kongsikan bersamamu.
Kau tumpang bahagia.
Dan, apabila aku dalam lemasan tangisanku,
kau hulur bantuanmu.
Kau beri bahumu dan kau setia mendengar tangisanku.

Tanpamu wahai ratu hatiku, aku tidak akan pijak dua tapak kakiku di bumi ini.
Sesungguhnya syurga itu dibawah telapak kakimu,
aku sebagai seorang ihsan yang bergelarkan anakmu
aku menyusun 10 jariku dan aku memohon maaf padamu wahai ibuku.
Aku meminta maaf kerana:

-Maaf sebab kerana aku, ibu terpaksa membawaku ke mana sahaja selama 9 bulan.
-Maaf atas semua rintihan yang ibu lalui
-Maaf atas setiap titik peluhmu apabila menjaga aku
-Maaf atas pengorbananmu untukku
-Maaf segala kesakitan yang ibu rintangi
-Maaf atas kekasaran aku
-Maafkan aku dengan atas segala yang ibu hadapi selama ini

Aku meminta maaf bukan hari ini sahaja tapi setiap hari.
Dalam doaku wahai ibu.
Hari istimewa untukmu bukan hari ini sahaja tapi setiap hari.
Dalam duniaku wahai ibu.
Kasih sayang yang hebat ini bukan hari ini sahaja tapi setiap hari.
Dalam hatiku wahai ibu.
Kegembiraan bukan hanya hari ini tapi setiap hari.
Dalam hidupku wahai ibu.

Ibu, selama 9 bulan ibu menjagaku dengan baik.
Selama itulah ibu menghadapi banyak dugaan.
Tapi aku membalasnya bukan dengan cara baik kan.
Aku akan berusaha menjaga hatimu wahai ibu sebagaimana ibu menjagaku dengan baik.

Maafkan aku, ibu. :'(

Buat readers sekalian, sayangilah ibumu selagi mereka masih ada.
Mohon maaf dengan mereka dengan segera sebelum terlambat.

May 11, 2013

True Feeling


I never know.
Until now.

And I don't know when will I know.
You are too mysterious.
Sometimes you smile.
You laugh.
You happy.

But sometimes.
Your face.
Your way talk.
It doesn't seems like it's you.

You like the strangers that think all people
are not exist.
Such like they not alive in your eyes.

It is like that
it just you in this world.
You don't care abotu everyone.
People that surrounding you.
Surrounding around you.

Are they don't important to you?
Or you really don't want to care about them anymore?
Is that your way?
Leaving all the prolem is the only choice do you have to solve the problem?
Is it?

Doing nothing and move on your life.
You changed,
After you leave, you came back.
Like there is nothing happen before.
It is look very easy to you.

You forgot about it.
I don't understand.
And I can't understand.
How is your feeling on me?
I don't know.

What is your true feeling?
The true feeling.

January 5, 2013

Seni atau Sel ?

Assalamualaikum and Hey.
Sebenarnya D busy sangat.
Sorry sebab tak dapat update blog.
Sebelum itu, faham tak title D di atas tu?
Jom kita fahami maksud D.
Tahun ini, D dapat keputusan cemerlang dalam PMR.
Jadi, D dapat masuk kelas sains.
D ambil 6 subjek teras dan subjek elektif D ialah Fizik, Kimia, Matematik Tambahan dan Prinsip Akaun.
Dalam kelas D, ada 40 orang.
Rasanya tak sampai separuh pelajar lelaki yg masuk kelas ini.
Maksud tajuk D hari ini ialah mana lelaki?
Macam baru-baru ini, cikgu Maths D macam ada perasaan kecewa sebab tak ramai lelaki yg tak masuk kelas sains tulen.
Kelas sains teknologi pun sama juga.
D tak bermaksud nak menyinggung perasaan lelaki sejati kita.
Tak juga D bermaksud lelaki sejati kita dah pupus.
Cuma mana menghilang semangat lelaki untuk mempimpin?
Mungkin tak semua lelaki minat memasak. Ada yg minat seni kan?
Tapi bagi D macam ramai perempuan sekarang pandai dah.
Ramai perempuan minat kerja doktor, jurutera, pakar medik.
Jarang nampak perempuan yg minat kerja perempuan.
Senang cakap, chef, surirumah, cikgu.
Sedangkan kawan rapat D pun minat sangat nak jadi doktor, jurutera, angkasawan.
Lelaki ada juga yg minat semua ni.
Cuma dah kurang.
Terus-terang D cakap, D tak minat nak jadi doktor atau kerja yg bidang sains ni.
Tapi D minat nak belajar sains untuk pengetahuan am.
D minat nak jadi usahawan.
Itu sebab D ambil Prinsip Akaun.
Ekonomi Asas?
Bukan D tak nak ambil tapi kelas D ni hanya diberi 1 pilihan.
Nak ambil Biologi atau Prinsip Akaun.
Dan kami tak dapat ambil subjek lain lagi.
Balik kepada title kita, D haraplah lelaki sejati kita yg Handsome, Comel, Baik dapat balik semangat kempimpinan.
Kata orang Korea,
Oppa! Fighting!
Kan lelaki lebih kuat daripada perempuan?
Tapi lelaki pula jangan merendahkan kaum perempuan.
Kitalah bakal generasi akan datang yg akan memajukan negara ini menuju wawasan 2020.
Siapa lagi kalau bukan kita kan?
Goodluck and Assalamualaikum.

MsDaniella says Hi