May 11, 2013

True Feeling


I never know.
Until now.

And I don't know when will I know.
You are too mysterious.
Sometimes you smile.
You laugh.
You happy.

But sometimes.
Your face.
Your way talk.
It doesn't seems like it's you.

You like the strangers that think all people
are not exist.
Such like they not alive in your eyes.

It is like that
it just you in this world.
You don't care abotu everyone.
People that surrounding you.
Surrounding around you.

Are they don't important to you?
Or you really don't want to care about them anymore?
Is that your way?
Leaving all the prolem is the only choice do you have to solve the problem?
Is it?

Doing nothing and move on your life.
You changed,
After you leave, you came back.
Like there is nothing happen before.
It is look very easy to you.

You forgot about it.
I don't understand.
And I can't understand.
How is your feeling on me?
I don't know.

What is your true feeling?
The true feeling.

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