December 10, 2011

2010 :)

Hey there!
It's been quite long I've left my blog.
I really bored.
I don't now what to do?
My 2010?
Okay, let's start.

First Time.
For the first time, I have to move on to high school.
Yeah. big girl.
13 years old. :(
I really uncomfort when go to new school.
Well, my old friends doesn't go same school as me.
I went to SMK SANZAC. They went to SM Stella Maris.
I'm too shy to say hello to anybody.
Really quite.
When I came to  high school, I just imagine what could be happened here?
fighting? screaming? romantic? loser?
What it can be?
But then, the situation is changing.
I met a new girls.
They really kind to me. As we are in the same class.
They were first time too.

Changing class:
I've been change to a new class.
*i hate it
Because I havr to make a new friends.
Well. I'm friendly but if you want me make a new friends.
It's quite diffcult for me.
why? I don't talk too much with new. :(
So back to story changing class.
I got bid from Ministry of Education to a SPECIAL CLASS.
I mean not STUPID class.
But it is for excellent student which got 5A-3A in UPSR.
Well, I just 3A.
I'm not really good actually.
But at least I try.

Only 1 weeks, I'm too friendly to my friends.
All of them.
Yeah, only the guys is hard to bring friendly.
But, anyway I got SUPER DUPER BEST FRIENDS in the class.
Thanks to God because gift me a good friend to me. :)
We all shared our happiness and sadness together. :)
I really happy.

Okay? Hostel is not really happy experience.
why I'm here?
Because before this, my old class is in afternoon.
But this SPECIAL CLASS is in the morning. :)
So, my mum asked me to stay at hostel which is not my choice.
But I have too. :(
I stay at hostel for only an half year.
Why? I can't stand there anymore. :)

Boyfriend special:
Erm. Do you think I got bf this time?
In 2010? 13 years old?
Of course I have.
We both been together for 1 year and 4 month.
We started together on 24 Nov 2008.
Everybody at SMK SANZAC thought us already been 2 years.
But actually it just only 1 year 4 month.
Then we always meet after he finished his studie at class.
Really have fun but then we broke up.
No need to know what the reason.
I just can say we're not meant together. :)

So only this thing happened on my 2010.
others than this only me and God know, :)
Until we meet again. :) Bye
See you.

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