December 18, 2011

I still remember :')

Today I want to tell you all about him.
Actually past 3 weeks, we have big fight and guess what?
We broke up. :'(
I'm really sad but what can I do?
I have too.

You know boy, I still remember our first time knowing each other.
We are friends in "facebook".
You sent me text chat.
Suddenly you give me your number without say Hi.
That time I don't expected.
Then you say, let just be friends. :)
I'm so glad to be your friend.
So, after you offline I stalk to your profile.
Finding something. hmph~
I thought I can be with you.
But I saw you are in the relationship.
I'm wondering who is the luckiest girl is in relationship with you. :(
Then I remember that you just want to be friends. :)

I still remember when we text.
You asked me to run to my house from my mom's office.
Then I said "Do you think I am a robot?"
Seriously I can't forget this silly conversation.

We only knowing each other for 2 days.
Then you asked me.
Aww~ <3
I love that moment and I will not forget about that.
But that time I forgot that your status RELATIONSHIP
Then I asked you, seriously? How about your gf?
He said, I don't have any gf.
Awww~ You know how happy I'm that time.
<3 <3 <3

I still remember our first meet.
At my house. :) *blink blink
I go down looking where are you??
And then I saw a guy wearing white shirt from afar at the end.
In deep my heart, is that him?
My heartbeat going fast.
Duk Duk Duk Duk.
Then you came to me.
And my first thought about you.
He is 17 and your look like 15 years old.
Oh My. Then we date. *blink

Your warm hug.
I can't forget about this!
You know how cold my hands that time right?
I'm really nervous when with you.
Then you hold my hands and hug me.
Awww~ That time I've forget the world.
That time I don't want let you go. :)

When we on the phone,
I still remember when sang me a song.
Your voice. :) It's make me melt.
You played your guitar while singing.
You made a new song just for me.
HHU. :')
Do you want to know?
I love so much the song.
I hope you sing the song infront of me.
Not on the phone.

My dear, I know we already broke up.
But I confess that I still remember our memories.
:') I'm sorry if I've always hurt you.
And I'm so sorry if you are not happy with me.
I hope you happy with she. :(
More happy okay?
Kbyee everybody. :')

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