January 22, 2012

:/ where is my mood?

Hey hey.
Are you wondering what are the heck I'm gonna blog it now?
So, my title is WHERE IS MY MOOD?
What mood?

First MOOD. >_<

Where is my mood for writing a new entri about love?
Since this year, I am looking my inspiration back for write about love story.
I do have in my mind but I can't express it on my beautiful blog.
I dont know why.
I will try my best to create my own entri story again coming soon.
If it is too bored, I am really sorry.
But at least I am trying to tell you about the truth.
My entri is not fake. It is homemade by my own self.
If you dislike it, you may go out from my blog.
There is X in red colour, you click it and you are free.
Do respect my blog.
Anyway, my entri is not for express my feeling.
Anything. Hate and abuse someone it is not my way to express in my blog.
My blog is for read about something different.
Okay, I am too far already. Let's carry on.

Second MOOD >_<
Mood for study.
Where are they?
I really need them.
As you know that I am PMR candicates.
I really need to focus and have a mood to study.
All people say that form 1 and 2 is still in honeymoon.
Form 3 barulah FULLBLAST study kan?
Actually, it is upside down.
We should more focus in form 1 and 2 because in PMR, there is lot of question form 1 and 2.
Form 3 question is really a few than question form 1 and 2. :3

Third MOOD >_<
My angry bird!
I mean my angry mood.
Okay, of late, I rarely have a angry mood.
If I do, my respons is SMILE!
:) :) :)
Silent is the better way.
No wrangle No hating No enemy.
Kan kan kan?
I like my slogan 3N.
btw, anger can make us quickly mature.
It is not a good habit to follow.
What is a good habit to follow is SMILING

This 3 mood has been lost from me.
I really hope they come back to me except angry mood.
HUHU. I miss them so much. :(
Come to mama. :(
I love you and I miss you. <3

Okay, I still wakey and not sleepy yet.
I think I should go throw myself to the bed now.
Okay. Anyway thank you for spent your time to read my blog today.
Don't forget to wait my new entri.
At the same link and the same time.
I love you guys.
Good night. :3 

Say Hello Not Goodbye.

January 18, 2012

Gong Xi Fa Chai :)

Hey hey.
Gong Xi Fa Chai.
There is 5 days left for celebrate Happy Chinese New Year.
I am Muslim but I am a half of chinese. :)

When we celebrate, we have a few things that really important.
Most of them is ORANGE!
Orange is really delicious.
There is sweet and sour orange. :)
When we go to open house for celebrate Chinese New Year, 
there is must ORANGE. 
Okay okay, there is lot things I have to tell so lets move on.

"Koko, Gong Xi Fa Chai. Angpau?"
Most of them that gave angpau is a person that already in married.
A single person does not gave angpau except they want to. :)
Angpau is actually not WAJIB but HARUS. 

Maybe I have to tell you a bit story about Chinese New Year.
Do you know why we wear a red in colour?
Okay. Actually, a long time ago an old story told that there is a bad dragon attack their village.
So, the dragon is afraid with red colour and also a loud voice. 
That why we have the lion dance.
Red and loud. 
Dont you realise?
I just shared a few story. :)
For your information.

Okay. Enough with old story.
Other than angpau and orange. 
We also have a firecrackers. :)
It's loud right?
All the main thing is a thing that really fear for dragon and lion. :)

Okay. I'm too sleepy. :)
Have to go sleep right now.
Tomorrow I have class. :)
See you next time in the same link at the same time.
Good night everyoneeee. :3

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