January 14, 2012

2012 :3

Hey Hey.
How are you today? 
I'm sorry if it is long time to wait my new story.
I am too busy with my "job".
HAHA. I mean my studies. :) 
Well, this year is my exam year which I have to sit PMR. 
I know PMR is not really important but I have a "contract" to achieve a flying green marks.
:) Yeah. Have to pass 8'A straight.
I hope you wish me. 

SO? 2012?
Yeah. 13 days been pass.

I meet my friends back!
I really miss them so much than them. 
My life will bored if there is no friends in my life.
Friends and family is important for me.
And I will not forget the One in my Heart is ALLAH.
This 3 is always in my heart. 
My life is will keep continue if they still here. 

Special boyfriend?
Doesn't care if I have or not.
It is not mean I don't want have my own partner but I accept what is in my fate book.
If I have my own, ALHAMDULILAH.
"Rezeki jangan ditolak, bala jangan dicari"
I don't care if have to took a long time, I will be patient wait for it. 

My teacher?
The most that I care and I loved so much is my class teacher!
Teacher Suzana. She is teaching us Mathematics. 
Yeah. She is a great teacher. She really expert in Mathematics.
Why? She taught Additional Mathematics too!
I will be so proud if I have a smart mother.
I don't mean I have unsmart mother but I do. 
I don't want talk too much about my family because it is too PRIVATE.
Okay, tch Suzana is really kind with all of us. 
For 3 years include this year, she has been handle our class since we all form 1. 
She willing let her promotion just to focus to us.
She really hoping us 19 students in the class got straight A. 
Okay, this is too long to talk about my teacher. 

Lets go through my class.
My class is a special class.
Just 3A-5A got in this class.
KRK. Is the name of the class.
The department of education is hoping us get straight A for prove to other country that we MALAYSIA also can get the best result.
Okay. This class is only have 19 students.
7 male 12 female.
I know. Too few the number of the guys but their spirit is too strong to get straight A. 
HAHAH. I know, broken english. SORRY.
All teacher that teach us is the best teacher. 
Anyway, we are the first generation of KRK. 
So we are the first students that should make all teachers in SMK SANZAC proud of us!
It is not for teacher only,

I think all story I told you today is about my school day. Right?
The tittle pun doesn't make sense. But what told you today is happen in my 2012. :)
Okay. My new story about anything except my daily life will be coming soon.
All you have to do is wait and follow my blog if you still not follow me. 
I hope we can see again in my blog at the same link and the same time. 
HAHA. :3 
Okay everybody enjoy your day.

Say Hello not Goodbye,
Hello! :3

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