January 18, 2012

Gong Xi Fa Chai :)

Hey hey.
Gong Xi Fa Chai.
There is 5 days left for celebrate Happy Chinese New Year.
I am Muslim but I am a half of chinese. :)

When we celebrate, we have a few things that really important.
Most of them is ORANGE!
Orange is really delicious.
There is sweet and sour orange. :)
When we go to open house for celebrate Chinese New Year, 
there is must ORANGE. 
Okay okay, there is lot things I have to tell so lets move on.

"Koko, Gong Xi Fa Chai. Angpau?"
Most of them that gave angpau is a person that already in married.
A single person does not gave angpau except they want to. :)
Angpau is actually not WAJIB but HARUS. 

Maybe I have to tell you a bit story about Chinese New Year.
Do you know why we wear a red in colour?
Okay. Actually, a long time ago an old story told that there is a bad dragon attack their village.
So, the dragon is afraid with red colour and also a loud voice. 
That why we have the lion dance.
Red and loud. 
Dont you realise?
I just shared a few story. :)
For your information.

Okay. Enough with old story.
Other than angpau and orange. 
We also have a firecrackers. :)
It's loud right?
All the main thing is a thing that really fear for dragon and lion. :)

Okay. I'm too sleepy. :)
Have to go sleep right now.
Tomorrow I have class. :)
See you next time in the same link at the same time.
Good night everyoneeee. :3

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