December 1, 2011

:') nothing

Hey there!
Long time no blogging.
I'm sorry.
I'm too busy with my studies.
PMR next year.
Still waiting my NEW notes?
Ohyeah! Thank you.
I'm really apperciate because too patient. :)
Anyway, we have to start now.

It's seem I can't.
I can't compherend.
I can't cry again.
When you saw me in the rain having fun with rainwater it is not because I'm enjoying.
I'm having "fun" with rainwater because I want to hide my tears from you.
I don't want you saw me cried. :'(

Hair? Done. Make up? Done.
Just need wait for you to pick up me with your white horse.
Too late.
Where are you?
I'm still waiting.
Where have you been?
Can you be the one in my heart?

Can you tell me?
Please tell what did you see at my face?
Did you see anything other than this pretty?
Are we meant together?
Or there is more than this?

You know what?
I'm tired with this game.
You know what?
All this this ain't same
You know what?
It is time to me let you go..
There is no good if we always fighting.
No good.

I have to let it go swallows my pride 
And I do my best to make sure you are happy with me.
But it seems that you are not happy. :(
I'm sorry.
There is nothing I can't do unless let you go.
I have to.
I don't see your unhappy face when you look at me.
 You gone need some more attention more affection heres your lesson
Baby girl you give so much yet.
Don't get enough no well see that ain't love noo
You gone need some more attention more affection heres your lesson
By the time that I see myself in broken hear.

The end.
NEW notes?
Rate this notes.
Thank you for spent your time to read my blog. :)
Have fun with your day.

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