December 20, 2011

Do you still remember?

Hey there.
Long time no blogging.
Are you waiting my story?
Aww~ Thank you.
Okay lets get start.

Do you still remember me?
The girl that you really loved in past.
Do you?
You spent your time with she to make a happy memories.
We laughing and smiling each other.
Do you still remember this?

Do you?
That girl that you made many sweet promises
But you don't made it. :(

Do you know?
When you broke her heart,
Her tears never stop drop from her eyes.
But she always hid her face when she crying.

And do you want to know something?
When she miss you,
She call you.
Do you remember?
When she need you.
You'll never be there for her.
Don't you know that?

But she always try to be there for you.
She always be with you.
Always in your heart.
But, she know that you never take care about it at all.
Then when she knew about that.

She's been alone.
She's been changed.
You mad at her when she not there with you.
You mad at her when she has been changed.
Don't you know?
You are the causing her been like this.

Since you and her been together for the first.
She already be there for you.
But you!
You the one doesn't know!
You are the reason she being changed.
But you are the reason too, she still love you.
Do you remember?

How this one?
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Okay. See you next time.

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