December 5, 2012

사랑의 백일몽 (Daydream of Love)

Hey. Long time no see.
I'm back!
Lamanya tak update blog niiii.
Kesian pula.
D nak sangat update tapi keadaan tak mengizinkan.
Cuti tahun ni lebih panjang daripada tahun lepas.
SPM mula awal.
*dah nak hbis baru wish. HAHA.
Tahun ni kiranya 2 bulan lah budak sekolah menengah cuti.
Budak sekolah rendah lambat 2 minggu.
Memandangkan lama tak update blog ni.
Hari ni D try nak buat mcm dulu.
cerita in english.
I could've been the one you noticed
The one that adore you
I could've been all over you
I could've been like all the others
Is that what I'm supposed to do?
I think I'm lost in my world.
It would've been really stupid
If I would've went out with you
I will try
To give you everything you wanted
It would've been way too soon
I try to be sensitive when with you,
I try to be tough in your eyes,
I try to walk away from my old memories just to be with you
I try to be innocent in everything,
I try to be rough the way that you want
But I just wanna pray
You're my daydream
You know that I've been thinking about you lately
And every time I look at you
No, how?
I can't explain how I feel inside
I'm looking for you now.
Needed a minute, to figure it out.
I'm looking straight out through the window,
don't wanna blink, might miss the signal.
I can't get away from this,
you're my daydream
If I tell you what I'm thinking now
And I let myself trust you
Can you give me what I'm missing?
Can you make my dreams come true?
I've always wanted someone to be mine
I've been waiting so long
Day by day
Could you be that someone?
Someone that will be mine forever
Forever in my heart and my life
Are you mine, you mine?
You're mine, you're mine
You're my daydream
you're making me insane
You're my daydream
You're doing it again
I'm ready for now
I think my tongue's done waiting it out
You took your time a while to get through,
I've been awake and dreaming it true.
With every,
with every seam you're sewing up my heart
With every thread, you know you'll put it apart
Look in the mirror, I don't see no scars,
and everywhere i need you, there you are.
Something in your eyes,
I recognize it, baby,
could you be the face of love?

Everything is perfect when the light is right
You'll turn and see the face, of love,
Oh we see, eye, eye, eye to eye.
I hear it from your mouth,

Pulling back the curtain,
now it's starting to look certain
You're the face of love.
Tadaaa~ Itu ja. Macam? Hehe. Try ja ni. Leave your comment and your link at the tagboard. :3 Thanks.

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