October 29, 2017


After a years, Im finally come back from the tiring world.
Its been a while from my last post. 
Well im just a freelance blogger and today im suddenly miss my blog which I used to post anything that comes in my mind. 
I saw a few people still read my blog even though its quite bored to read all of them.
Anyway, 2017 is quite challenging year for me cause im in my final year of diploma and next year i will begin my bachelor which i still dont know what to choose. 
There are five choices needed to fill in and Im only focusing on taking in finance. 
And the others Im still dont have any idea.
Should I just randomly or shouldnt i?

Writing? Yeah im still active but it is only on a piece of paper. When im free, i will post it out on here for filling up my 2017's post in this blog. Today is just an updating status of me that still active in blog! Feel free to read more people! 


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