January 8, 2015


Greetings everyone.
Its been long time I didnt post anything in my blog.
Well, I kind miss it.
Surely its not because I purposely did it but 2014 its was my final year in high school.
and yeah, there are a lot of homework and pressure to face my biggest exam, SPM.

After I've finished my last paper, Biology, I need some rest from all the pressure had given from my teachers.
So yeah, now Im a little bit relaxed than this before.
I've finished my paper on 25/11/14
 and now Im workingggg.
Guess where?
Im working for McD.

Its been 2 weeks already.
Not too tired, not too easy.
Just nice. :)
It is better working hard in McD than being lazy at home.
If I get paid being a lazy person, I'll be a millionare.
But not.

So yeah. Im working now.
So maybe its hard for me to post in this blog everyday. :)
But keep following me and read my other story. 
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