April 9, 2015

babe ;)

Listen to my story today my darling,
Secrets that no one knew about

Actually, I do love you babe,
I love you, I love you
Shout out with a voice that no one can hear you because its secret

Countless words that lingered in my mouth
I knew I shouldn’t do this as I closed my eyes
But I keep seeing him,
I’m tellin this to you,
but you don’t know why?

You don’t wanna be my heart
You don’t wanna be my life
And Im feeling kind of sad

I don’t understand this moment
Did I say something wrong?
Was it me that unperfectly for you?
I thought about it already babe

Look around you,
You will always be my love
My love for you is more than you can imagine

I know you are the one for me
My own and only boy in my life
Cause you are the ones who runs my world
You will always be my love

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