November 23, 2011

Myself :)

Hey there once more again! It's me again. :) Do I ever tell you about myself? erm. I guess no right? My left sidebar "About Me" there is nothing right? well let's get started. :)

What's my name?
Can you read my header first?
It's Daniella Daniel right?
Well that is my name. Actually Daniel is my father's name. :)
My name just in one word.
It is not hard to say.
It just DANIELLA. It is hard to call?
I got my nickname. You guys can call me Danie. :)
It's too way simple already for you guys call me. :)

My age?
I born in 1997.
So you count now!
This year-1997= ?
What you got?
That's right! That is my age. :)
Now you know my age. So let's move on.

Where I learned about life?
I think only Malaysian know where is it.
It is in Sabah. Land Below The Wind. :)

My siblings?
I just only have 1 little sister. :)
No big brother, no big sister.
But at least I still have my lil sister.
She's not only my lil sister, she is my best friend too. :)

Best friend?
Of course I have best friends!
One of them is KKGG!
Do you know what is mean KKGG?
Kami keluarga gila-gila.
It is mean that We are the crazy family :)
It's sound weird when say it in english.
:) Do you like it?
No? Well I'm sorry for you. :)
You like it? Yeahman! I'm happy. :)

this is KKGG!
From the left is ME and then Azza, Ayu, Wan.
:) We both share laugh and cry together. :')
And now Azza has been leaving us at SANZAC.
She is moving to Sarawak.
:) well I really miss her. :')
She is AWESOME and GREAT friends. :)
anyway, I wish her have fun at Sarawak and I hope she will not forget about us.
Ok, back to our story.
So what do you think?
Doesn't look like crazy? right?
well actually we're kind of good girls too.
We're not really crazy. We just having fun by doing something crazy.
That's why we called our group is KKGG.

Ok, you all know about myself. How?
It is not too great to read right?
Anyway, thanks for read it.
About my 2010. Later, I'll post it.
Later? Maybe some day. :)
Just wait it. Hurm.
My blog is not for me post about my daily life.
it is for post my homemade notes too.
Want to read it?
Just wait and see. :) Dont forget to follow :) and comment!

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