November 24, 2011

Just read it!

Hey there!
Are you still reading my blog?
Well, keep on reading.
Today I'm not gonna tell you story about me.
I want do new notes.
I've always write notes at Facebook.
Yeah, I already wrote 28 notes in Facebook.
Not too many.
Btw, you all can add me at Facebook.
Just click Daniella Kkgg and you'll found it!

What's story should I blogging today?
I have no idea?
New notes again?
How about I repost my popular notes in Facebook?
Will you read it?
I hope soo ?
I need your opinion too. :)
Here it is.

For awhile, i stop.
I know that there's a song inside of my soul.
And i've been tried to write on piece of paper.
But i can't.
Cause i'm awake in the infinite cold.
And you sing to me the song over and over again.
So then i lay my head back down.
Thinking about you.
For that i lift my hands and pray,
Just to be only yours.
Because I know you are my only hope.

Can you sing me the song of your star?
Of yours galaxy dancing and just laughing.
And i can feel that my dreams is too far away from me.
You only one that can help me through this.
Tell me your plan that you have for me over again.
Because i always lay my head back down
Think about you day and night.
For that reason , i lift my hands and pray,
just want to be yours.
You are my only hope.

I give you my destiny.
I'm giving you all of my heart.
And i want your symphony.
singing all that i am.

So what do you think?
It is good or great?
Can you rate this notes? :)
I really need your opinion. :)

Still want read my notes?
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