November 24, 2011

Always to remember :')

I got my inspriation back!
Doesn't look too fast?
Yeah, too fast to write a new notes.
It is NEW not REPOST from Facebook.
Okay, Let's get started. :)
Have fun. :)

I'll always remember that day.
It was late in the evening.
We both walking in the park.
Holding hands and have a great time that day.
Then, we both go to beach and lay down there.
Watching the sunset.
It lasted forever but it will ended soon. :')

Yeah, you were all by yourself after that.
You alone watching the sky.
Staring all by yourself.
The sky is grey and dark.
Just like you.
After you do that to me, I was changed.

In places no one will find all that,
The all your feelings so deep inside in your heart.
I was there
And then I realized
that thing will forever 
in your eyes.
The moment I saw you cry.
I feel sorry for you . :')

I wanted to hold you.
I wanted to make it go away.
I wanted to know you.
I wanted to make your everything,
All right.

I'll always remember it was late evening.
You and I together forever. :)
I'll always remember.

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