April 10, 2012

Long time :3

Hey everybody. :)
Sorry if I'm so late for my new entri.
Being a busiest person for this month.
Too tired.
Pressure for PMR.

Erm. About my new homemade entri.
I did a few story but unfortunately
I wrote at my special book,
And that books is at my school.
It's not about love.
In my opinion maybe it's about life. :3
when that book is at me, I post okay.
Dont worry be happy.

Ouh ya. Weird kan?
Suddenly ja I write entri in English.
I just thinking that my blog is not only Malaysian's readers.

btw, I got cute keychain from him.
It is couple keychain.
I hope this time I wont broke that keychain.
Really hope. :)
crossing fingers :3

And if you want to check his story,
you can go to this link
I hope you guys enjoy his entri by his typing fingertips and follow.
:) poor him.
there is no one follow him. :)
Thank you.

Okay. I have to go.
Sleepyhead. Gudnite guys.


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