May 10, 2012


D rindu lah mau mencoret di lembaran putih yang berteknologi canggih ni.
Eleh. Ayat.
Skeemmma. Mintapujiinnyyaaa.

Ouh ya, D ada exam! Arghhh.
Nak kata D stress nda juga. But I'm scared.
Because all of my teachers are hoping my friends and I get A'.
I mean straight A.
8A okay?
Susah ?
not really. But we have to score 85% first.
Itu baru A.
If dibawah 85%, no need lahhh berangan dapat A.
Mau score B pun at least you must score 75% okay.
Not 60% yang biasa tu.

In our special class ni,
paling rendah lah you score ialah 50 above!
Not 40!
Kami punya gred is not gred sekolah.
But gred level yang up up!

Dulu, kalau di kelas biasa.
Kita score 60% pun sudah puas hati kan.
Tapi since I got in this class.
For me 60% is nothing.
What you get when you score this?
Let me tell you,
D rasa malu sangat.
Yalah. The teachers kan macam hampa ni.

Tapi kalau di kelas biasa, macam bangga lah kan.
Yalah. Yang terbaik sudah kita buat.
Tapi in this class. You have to be more strong from this.
D harap D dapat straight this exam!
#cross finger.

Wish me.
Hehe. Wish you luck toooo!
I have to go now.
Need study.
Ouh ya.
Dont forget to read my blog once again on 13th May
My new entri.
About our lovely mom!
Tittlenya "Kasih seorang Ibu" :3
Do come again.
I'm sure you will not regret.
Good Night.

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